Sports Betting Is Fun/Entertaining
It Can Also Be An Investment!

By: Ken O'Brien

"Only make investments in opportunities where you have extensive personal knowledge to make educated decisions or you know someone you can trust completely who has that level of knowledge to advise you," my father once told me. That may be simple advice but it's the best I've ever received and it's been the foundation of my entire career. Living and implementing it has been the challenge. I have made many investments in my life, but the thing I know best is sports betting and now 25 years later, it's been my sports betting (or should I say, investing?) which has allowed me to 'live the life' I now enjoy.

The Edge

You can find all sorts of "Money Management" and "Betting as a Business" strategies. However, I employ a simple strategy and simply states, bet more on games where you have "The Edge" and less (or not at all) when you don't. "The Edge" can come from multiple sources:

It can be late breaking news; information not available to the general public. This is the most important "Edge" you can have! It is basically the same as the "insider trading," information that has for decades, allowed "those in the know" to make huge sums on stocks and bonds.

It can be a 'feel' for the game. This includes (but is not limited to) locker room strife or cohesiveness; knowing how specific teams play and coaches coach against one another. Emotional ups and downs that will effect a team's' play (team chemistry, if you will). The importance of such information varies from sport-to-sport and team-by-team. The best coaches overcome these issues much better than the lesser ones and it’s up to me and Team KOB to sort it all out. Let's call it a combination of "The edge" and 'feel.'

It can be also be a flaw in the line. There is no specific formula or equation which creates the moneylines, pointspreads and over/under numbers. Errors can be made. Example: Interestingly, once the lines are set, the "bookies" rely on the public to decide how the lines should change. The public is an emotional group which is commonly not using good information, known data, educated feel, etc. to make decisions. This creates opportunities.


As a professional sports bettor, my job is much like the stockbroker. Along with my Team KOB personnel, I seek and find "The Edge," just like a stockbroker. I gather the best available information, the best feel for the game, and the best heads to spot y select group, flaws in the odds before betting on my 'conclusions.' Like a hedge fund manager, I also make available these 'conclusions' to a very select group, my VIP Members.

This is what I do. I am a professional sports bettor, who shares his expertise with my VIP Members.