From my very first day in the business, I've done my best to treat my clients with respect and dignity and thankfully my first client from 30 years ago is still with me today.

I would just like to take a minute here to thank every client and KOB Team member for allowing me to do in life what I love the most. The old cliche that it's never a job when you love what you do is dead on, at least in my case. We've had a lot of fun and we've made a ton of money and it's only going to get better in the future.


I've been with Ken O'Brien since 2004 and wouldn't think of listening to anyone else. Runs of 8 and 10 consecutive winners are not uncommon; in fact, I've almost come to expect them. We don't win every game, but we win a very high percentage of them.

- Steve J in Atlanta

In the past 20 years, I've tried a lot of services and none of them won on a consistent basis. I was making money buying KOB internet picks and after much consideration, took Ken up on his guarantee for a free VIP CLUB selection. I must admit I was very surprised by how much interest Ken took in helping me learn how to make money “investing in sports”. I've been a VIP CLUB member for three years and have made money every year.

- Ronnie in Phoenix

If I hear another guy tell me that Minnesota is 38-2 when the Moon is in Sagittarius, I'm going to scream. I don't give a crap about all those stats and trends and stuff. I'd rather be fishing than watching the games. Just tell me who is going to win the game, and how much to bet. Ken gives me what I want and is damn good at doing it.

- Buck in Memphis

I really like Ken's team concept and after more than a decade in the program, almost feel like part of Team KOB. Great customer service and information is second to none. If you treat this as a business and follow Ken's advice, you can't help but make money. BIG MONEY!

- Jay In Seattle

Don't kid yourself, 95% of people that bet sports lose. If losing is a sickness, Ken O'Brien is the cure! Nobody worked harder at beating the book than I did but it was always the same story. Mixed results. Sure, I'd go on a run once in a while but when I had to pay, I paid big. I had a big ego and it was tough for me to admit I needed someone. I'm sure glad I found Ken O'Brien. It only took a couple of weeks for Ken to straighten me out. If you are going to bet, you might as well make it profitable. You can't do better than you'll do with Team KOB.

- Mike In San Jose

Bottom line ... world class customer service, world class information, world class results.

- Ray In Davenport